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Viking Trance - This Generation 08:23
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Viking Trance - This Generation

fb1337129747534 hace 15 horas

What is the meaning of this video ? / Quel est le sens de cette vidéo?

The video is entitled This Generation and looks at the world our children will inherit. There are many problems such as pollution, food and water shortages, climate change, religious extremism and perpetual warfare which will be exacerbated by overpopulation. Our children are in danger and we must do everything possible to alleviate these problems now. This is the message of the video.
The video contains images which may upset some people but in our opinion every image is necessary for it to be properly understood. We are artists and our music videos are not intended to upset or offend listeners and viewers.

La vidéo est intitulée «This Generation» et examine le monde nos enfants vont hériter. Il existe de nombreux problèmes tels que la pollution, la nourriture et les pénuries deau, le changement climatique, lextrémisme religieux et la guerre perpétuelle qui sera aggravée par la surpopulation. Nos enfants sont en danger et nous devons faire tout notre possible pour atténuer ces problèmes maintenant. Cest le message de la vidéo.
La vidéo contient des images qui peuvent perturber certaines personnes, mais à notre avis chaque image est nécessaire pour quil soit bien compris. Nous sommes des artistes et nos vidéos de musique ne sont pas destinés à perturber ou offenser auditeurs et téléspectateurs.

Viking Trance et Napoléon Bonaparte.
Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic feat. Collin Mcloughlin - Here Tonight 2014 04:12
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Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic feat. Collin Mcloughlin - Here Tonight 2014

elvidas hace 2 días

Este es el video musical ''Here Tonight'' con Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic featuring Collin Mcloughlin,del 2014.
Djmasajiz the session summer 2014 45:49
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Djmasajiz the session summer 2014

masajizzz hace 3 días

Traemos las mezclas de este verano 2014 ,los mejores remixes de versiones los temas actuales, lo juntamos y sale esta increible sesion de una hora realizada por dj masajiz para dar un toque de color a las noches playeras de este verano
CUSCO - Bermudas 02:44
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CUSCO - Bermudas

engelspracht hace 4 días

CUSCO - Bermudas Michael Holm & Kristian Schultze BSC Music - 1984 - Island Cruise Website official of CUSCO The Bermudas or Somers Isles, is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of the United States. Its nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, about 1,030 kilometres (640 mi) to the west-northwest. It is about 1,239 kilometres (770 mi) south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, and 1,770 kilometres (1,100 mi) northeast of Miami. Its capital city is Hamilton. The first European to discover Bermuda was Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermúdez in 1503, The islands became a British colony following the 1707 unification of the parliaments of Scotland and England, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain. After 1949, when Newfoundland became part of Canada, Bermuda automatically was ranked as the oldest remaining British Overseas Territory. Since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, it is the most populous Territory. Its first capital, St. George's, was established in 1612 and is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New . When discovered, Bermuda was uninhabited and mostly dominated by forests of Bermuda cedar, with mangrove marshes along its shores. Only 165 of the island's current 1000 vascular plant species are considered native. Of those, 15, including the cedar, are endemic. Settlers have introduced many species of palm trees to Bermuda. Coconut palms are found on Bermuda, making it the furthest north location for the natural growth of this species. While coconuts grow on Bermuda, the lack of heat does not usually allow them to properly set fruit. The only indigenous mammals of Bermuda are five species of bats. Hamilton is the capital of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. It is the territory's financial centre and a major port and tourist destination. Its population of 1800 is one of the smallest of any capital city.
Basement Jaxx feat. ETML - Never Say Never 2014 05:58
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Basement Jaxx feat. ETML - Never Say Never 2014

elvidas hace 6 días

Este es el video musical ''Never Say Never'' con Besement Jaxx featuring ETML,del 2014.
Wendy Sulca - Explosión 2014 03:19
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Wendy Sulca - Explosión 2014

elvidas hace 6 días

Video musical ''Explosión'' con Wendy Sulca,del 2014.
Die potato - final countdown mix 00:26
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Die potato - final countdown mix

cerealdude hace 6 días

Die potato nooowwhh
Hip hop dance Popping battle 03:39
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Hip hop dance Popping battle

fb1405956810496 hace 7 días

Alexandra Stan - Dance 2014 03:41
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Alexandra Stan - Dance 2014

elvidas hace 8 días

Este es el video musical ''Dance'' con Alexandra Stan,del 2014.
CUSCO - Rift Valley 05:01
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CUSCO - Rift Valley

engelspracht hace 8 días

Composed by Kristian Schultze and Michael Holm BSC Music - 1999 - ALbum: Sielmann 2000 TV Series - WOnderful Nature Movies Website official of CUSCO The Great Rift Valley is a name given in the late 19th century by British explorer John Walter Gregory to the continuous geographic trench, approximately 6,000 kilometres (3,700 mi) in length, that runs from northern Syria to central Mozambique in South Eastern Africa. The name continues in some usages, although it is today considered geologically imprecise as it combines features that are today regarded as separate, although related, rift and fault systems. Today, the term is most often used to refer to the valley of the East African Rift, the divergent plate boundary which extends from the Afar Triple Junction southward across eastern Africa, and is in the process of splitting the African Plate into two new separate plates. Geologists generally refer to these incipient plates as the Nubian Plate and the Somali Plate. The Great Rift Valley as originally described was thought to extend from Lebanon in the north to Mozambique in the south, and constitutes one of two distinct physiographic provinces of the East African mountains. It included the Jordan Rift Valley, Red Sea Rift and the East African Rift.

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