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Lost in the Zoo 04:51
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Lost in the Zoo

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

'Caged animals in zoos are deprived of their normal society, their families and mates.
Tigers can’t run, birds can’t soar the sky, monkeys can’t swing through the trees, and elephants can’t roam over large distances.
Animals which would naturally roam for tens of miles a day, tread the same few paces. Some of the fastest animals on earth live in pens so small that they could not gather pace to a trot, let alone full speed.
Some zoo enclosures deprive the prisoners’ most basic behaviors including exercise, social interaction and bathing. '
Reason Is Not Enough 02:16
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Reason Is Not Enough

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

The animal rights arguments are so simple and right. They are based on solid facts and evidence. Nobody can confront them rationally
so why is it so hard to convince someone to go vegan?
Live Like The Animals 05:23
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Live Like The Animals

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

animals are means to human aims on all surfaces including being exploited to entertainment in the most humiliating violent and tormenting ways
Innocent When They Sleep 02:43
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Innocent When They Sleep

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

In order to produce comfort pillows and worm blankets for humans, this is the 'discomfort' geese 'have' to endure
Horror Movie 02:48
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Horror Movie

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

'The miserable young calf will spend 4 months in this torture cell.
Try to think of 16 weeks of standing with no ability to move or lie down.
Humans have to make terrible crimes to deserve these conditions in such solitary. The calves did nothing wrong. '
Because 03:15
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euthanasiabri hace 1 año

Ever wondered why is it so hard to convince someone to go vegan?
I don’t need to tell you how morally basic and nutritiousy simple veganism is.
Could it be that the obstacle to veganism is the messengers? Not enough health food stores? The price of soy milk?
Not enough vegan celebrities? Not enough visual evidence about what is going on in factory farms?
You know it is not any of these…
The animal rights arguments are so simple and right. They are based on solid facts and evidences. Nobody can confront them rationally.
So why is it so hard to convince someone to go vegan?
55 Billion Cripples 04:46
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55 Billion Cripples

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

'The industry which makes meat out of little fragile chicks, also referred as broiler chickens, is indubitably the most extreme example of humans’ absolute and destructive domination over non-human animals.
A domination which is found in every aspect of the chick’s miserable short life.
In the sheds, the chicks are denied of fresh air, social order and normal hierarchy, adequate resting period, sunshine, dust bathing, quietness, ability to forage, natural diet and space.'
Pastoral Control 02:44
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Pastoral Control

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

'In addition to Meat, Leather, Wool, Mountain climbers’ slaves And livestock guarders
now llamas have a new servitude role…
Unfortunately, their ability to carry weight around, their comfortable and submissive demeanor and their soft padded feet that don’t damage the golf course, made llamas suitable for golf caddy.
But that’s “only” golf’s most visible exploitation…
Life Is Shit 01:05
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Life Is Shit

euthanasiabri hace 1 año

For millions of animals the only color in life is brown from the shit they are soaked in
Watchdogs- Audit the pound! 02:06
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Watchdogs- Audit the pound!

mrdrawingguy hace 1 año

AUDIT THE POUND was created in January 2013, after a peaceful protest, reported by Forrest Sanders of WSMV Channel 4 News, and was organized in hopes of encouraging a high kill shelter in Manchester, TN into a safer haven for lost or unwanted animals. Rescuers were banned from this facility after their repeated complaints, one of which was when a puppy was literally frozen to the concrete after cages were hosed down in freezing temperatures without even displaying the human compassion of removing the animals first. More disturbing, an elderly blind black lab, a family member of a local citizen, was shot to death at this facility, and unceremoniously tossed into a dumpster as if only trash, documented and reported on by WTVF News Channel 5. Since the protest in January, local rescuers attending the rally have been "punished" for their participation in the event. The latest being the possible poisoning, as suggested by two veterinarians, of a rescue dog picked up from this facility to be delivered to a forever home. Autopsy results are being performed, and will be released within weeks. Are there actually those who walk amongst us so heartless and cruel? To punish the innocent in order to enjoy a perverted sense of revenge? We will soon know the answer. My wife, Susan, and I feel an obligation to finish what has begun . We vow to pursue this endeavor until the Coffee County Animal Control facility is thoroughly investigated and audited by the office of the Governor of Tennessee. Please sign and share the related petition and help all involved to bring justice to those who cannot speak for themselves. One county at a time, one state at a time. Peace to you and yours, Alan Alsup (mrdrawingguy) Please take thirty seconds and sign this petition to the Governor of Tennessee.

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